After painting my fence and ladder at home with brown-violet colour, I finally got few hours time to continue my genealogy project tonight, but the Mageia Linux at home needed to upgraded. Therefore I did.

Mageia 6 Upgrade

sigh I need to postpone my genealogy project.

For a more complete Mageia review, can be found in my old Mageia 4 article. This article contain some cool screenshots.


Mageia packages can be found in

No official git yet, only project stage

Just a few command line

This is the process

$ su
# urpmi.removemedia -a
# urpmi.addmedia --distrib --mirrorlist '$ARCH.list'
# urpmi --replacefiles --auto-update --auto
# urpme --auto-orphans

I have used Mageia since 2014. And this old article has a more complete review.

I’m just showing that I’m still single. I ain’t got nowhere tonight but my desktop.

ihavenolife saturdaynightfever  Update: It is 02:55 AM on sunday morning. And the upgrade haven’t finished yet.


A few notes on post install

(1) DNF

Must install manually

$ sudo urpmi dnf

Other than that, dnf works like a charm.

Mageia 6 DNF

(2) Compiz Issue

After install gnome lost all panel. Therefore I go back to XFCE4, which is lost window border.

And “$ xfwm4 – replace” also does not work since compiz has the deafult Window Manager.

The next thing I did is “$ sudo urpme compiz” and logout.

$ sudo urpme compiz

After this procedure both gnome-shell and XFCE4 works normal as it should be.

(3) Plasma5

Must install manually

$ sudo urpmi task-plasma5


First Thing First
$ sudo urmi --auto-update

Thank you for reading