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Goal: Explaining Openbox rc.xml configuration in general

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rc.xml has been comprehensively covered in this article.

Therefore, this article only discuss about changes in rc.xml and stuff.

That article above clearly defined 13 sections of xml: Resistance, Focus, Placement, Theme, Desktops, Resize (and move), Applications, Keyboard, Mouse, Margins, Menu, Dock, and Coordinates.


There is a GUI tools to edit the rc.xml, called obconf.

openbox Config: theme


1: Theme

The representative xml of theme configuration, would looks similar as example below.

    <font place="ActiveWindow">

Where the character means:

  • N: window icon

  • L: window label (AKA title).

  • I: iconify

  • M: maximize

  • C: close

  • S: shade (roll up/down)

  • D: omnipresent (on all desktops).

2: Desktop

I like to use, geeky greek character to identify my desktop.


Now you can see the result in tint2 as below.

openbox Config: desktops tint2

3: Gaps

You can set desktop margins. Note that I put 40 on top, because I have my tint2 panel. You might want different setting.


openbox Config: desktops margin

4: Startup

There is this ~/.config/openbox/autostart file, that manage the startup.

I change my autostart from time to time. It all depen on your need, mood, and the weather on your city.

Current autostart

# -- non windowed app --

nitrogen --restore &
nm-applet &

compton &
# dunst &
parcellite &
mpd &

thunar --daemon &

xautolock -locker i3lock -time 7 &

# -- panel --

tint2 -c ~/.config/openbox/tint2/tint2rc-top &
tint2 -c ~/.config/openbox/tint2/tint2rc-tutor-05-solid &

# -- windowed app --

geany &
thunar &
urxvt &
urxvt &
firefox &

This non windowed-app, will be discussed later in rules section, in the next article.

Old autostart

My old startup file contain these lines.

### panel
tint2 &

## Menu Transparency
compton -m 0.9 -e 0.7 &

## Volume control for systray
(sleep 2s && pnmixer) &

## Volume keys daemon
xfce4-volumed &

## Enable power management
xfce4-power-manager &

## Start Thunar Daemon
thunar --daemon &

## Start xscreensaver
xscreensaver -no-splash &

## Start Clipboard manager
(sleep 3s && clipit) &


What’s Next

Actually there is not many to say here, because I splitted the article to: key/mouse binding, rules, and menu.

Consider continue reading [ Config: Key and Mouse Binding ].