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Goal: Specific tools for openbox.

In oblogout this case, I will give an example in Fedora. You can do it in other distribution as well, such as Debian or Gentoo.

But I will give different example for openSUSE

Compile Step by Step

This is an example for any distribution that does not support oblogout package. You have to compile it yourself. But do not worry. It is easy.

git clone

I’m using this fork

First I went to a directory that stored all my clone. I have already had many repository in there. You might have difeerent directory.

$ cd /media/Works/2018\ -\ Build/

Now it is a good time to clone.

$ git clone https://github.com/Cloudef/oblogout-fork

fedora28 oblogout: git clone


Most distro require this python-distutils-extra. Because we need to run setup.py later on.

$ sudo dnf install python-distutils-extra

fedora28 oblogout: distutils


$ cd /media/Works/2018\ -\ Build/oblogout-fork
$ sudo ./setup.py install

fedora28 oblogout: setup-py

Now you can run from anywhere you like in your OS.

oblogout command

Running oblogout is easy.

$ oblogout &

fedora28 oblogout: command

oblogout preview

And this is the preview. You may click to see original resolution.

fedora28 oblogout: fullscreen preview


How about distribution that support oblogout package. Here an example, since I’m using openSUSE 15.

$ zypper addrepo https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:AndnoVember:test/openSUSE_Leap_15.0/home:AndnoVember:test.repo
$ zypper refresh
$ zypper install oblogout


openSUSE oblogout: zypper addrepo


openSUSE oblogout: zypper refresh


openSUSE oblogout: install

Now you can launch oblogout.


Just in case, there is no oblogout, in your Debian/Ubuntu based distribution, compiling is the same. Here is my screenshot.

$ sudo apt install python-distutils-extra

debian oblogout: distutils

$ cd /media/Works/2018\ -\ Build/oblogout-fork
$ sudo ./setup.py install

debian oblogout: setup-py

Exactly the same steps with Fedora.


I just want to show my Gentoo screenshot. I just can’t help it.

$ emerge --ask python-distutils-extra

Yo may click the image below for more verbose compilation.

gentoo oblogout: distutils

$ sudo ./setup.py install

gentoo oblogout: setup-py

I really just can’t help it.

What’s Next

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