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Goal: Openbox Configuration Overview

Table of Content

This guidance structured into separated articles:

  • Overview (this article)

  • Config: rc.xml (general, binding, rules)

  • Config: menu.xml (static and sub menus, dynamic, obmenu-generator)

  • Tint2: Taskbar, Background, Panel Items

We have already discuss about theme last months.

After a few discussion, I decide to put a section, about installation. This is not, a part of config. But if you wish, here it is.

  • Install: Solving difficulties about installation [Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Gentoo]

Window Manager Features

As most of any other Window Manager, Openbox has these features:

  • Themes (window decoration)

  • Menu

  • Startup

  • Config: Key Binding

Additional Resources


There are some good resources. I always start with the official one. I found that the holy archwiki is a also good start.

Dotfiles Document

Config is available at:


These are some good openbox galleries on deviantart:

I can’t tell you how I adore these galleries.

Stacking Window Manager

Update 2020

Illustration: Why Stacking Window Manager?

What’s Next

Consider continue reading [ Config: General rc.xml ].