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Goal: Some case of installing openbox

Installing openbox iseasy for most users, however some people need a more detail guidance.

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This is not the only install article. Here are the list:

  • Window Manager and Panel: openbox and tint2

  • Common WM Utility: scrot, feh, nitrogen

  • Specific Openbox Utility: oblogut, obmenu-generator

These specific openbox utility require some sill, such as git clone, using cpan, and such.

  • oblogout

  • obmenu-generator


So here below are my screenshots as install log for:

  • Debian (for Debian/Ubuntu based)

  • Fedora

  • openSUSE

  • Gentoo

I won’t give guidance for Arch user, as I guess they have already mastered about installing stuff.

I also use slackware, but I don’t have time to make a screenshot.

And the last one, the gentoo screenshot is not a sarcasm. I just love making screenshot okay!


In Debian/Ubuntu based, installing is as easy as.

$ sudo apt install openbox tint2

You may click the figure below for fullscreen screenshot.

Debian: apt install openbox tint2


$ sudo dnf install openbox tint2

Fedora: dnf install openbox tint2


$ sudo zypper install openbox tint2

openSUSE: zypper install openbox tint2


Gentoo portage means patience. But installing these two is fast.

$ sudo emerge --ask openbox tint2

Gentoo: emerge --ask openbox tint2

What’s Next

Consider continue reading [ Install: scrot, feh, nitrogen ].