Good day dear coder, hello again.

The hardest parts of HerbstluftWM is statusbar. I have done, implementing HerbstluftWM statusbar, that I can share. And there are also complementary topics.

  • [Part One] contain tag status decoration Both Dzen2 and Lemonbar in [Part One], designed specifically for HerbstluftWM’s Tag.

  • [Part Two] contain idle event. This idle event in [Part Two] give me challenge, and lead me to solve some Advance Pipe and Fork issue.

#standalone #modular #herbstluftwm #lemonbar #dzen2 #pipe #fork

The Seven Languages

HerbstluftWM has been stealing my attention for the past three months. [Primary] topic is Modularized HerbstluftWM Configuration.

Now we have example code in Seven Languages: BASH, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Lua, and Haskell. I have so much fun playing with the last language. These are the interesting multipart topics:

  1. Idle Event (Advance Pipe and Fork)

  2. Tag Status (Dzen2 and Lemonbar)

  3. Modularized Configuration

  4. Pipe and Fork (Introduction)

    “Once hard, now easy.”

#bash #perl #python #ruby #php #lua #haskell


HerbstluftWM: Screenshot Dual Panel

Tiling Window Manager

Update 2020

Illustration: Why Tiling Window Manager?

You should start with overview, especially pipe and fork, then the rest.

Where to Discuss?

Caveat: There is still an issue in closing pipe in Ruby. The script is fine, but it happens after the process closed. I still have to kill pipe manually, or it will hogs the CPU process.

Finally Finished

"No Bridge is Too Far"

Giphy Screencast

So what’s next? I think I’m going to enjoy my HLWM setup for one or a couple of months, then I will moved on to BSPWM. There are still about 20 articles that I have to write. There are so much knowledge that I wish learn. But I’d rather decouple the topics from HerbstluftWM, and write them later on.

Something in me cannot stop typing codes. But I have to stop anyway. I have grown up reponsibility. I have primary works to do. I have life to live on. And I desire to be back.

I'll be back.

Thank you for reading.

I hope that, this material useful.
Enjoy The Window Manager.
Enjoy The Statusbar.