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Goal: Overview about OS as general.

What I really want is actually just put my log setup on the blog. Then I can continue my journey to Gentoo.

The issue is modularization. Such as when I want to talk about iwd in arch install, I realize that I need to make a whole new article, examining iwd in detail. Then I realize that there is so much, that I haven’t explore in Arch system.

So I take a step back. Stay in Arch for a while. I need to know my own system. So I write them down. From install to other subsystem exploration.

Install and Post Install

There is actualy two logs. First log is Install Vanilla Arch itself. Until you get your first login after boot. Then second log is Post Install. e.g. setup Wireless, or setup Desktop Environment. Then we can go in detail in subsystem articles.

System and Subsytem

Yes of course, linux is an operating system. The issue is, we are so often see linux as a bundle for daily usage. And forget to see OS a system. It is a complex system, that has a few subsystems. Each subsytem has develop so much, that require its own examination.

Note that as an end linux user, you don’t need to examine all of this stuff. But as an enthusiast user, I believe that, it would be helpful if someone can just give, step by step example, to learn each commands.

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What is Next 🤔?

We need to begin our journey.

Consider continue reading [ Arch: Install ].