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Goal: Custom Flat Design Layout Icon, Minimalist PNG Button

With similar fashioned, we create the layout icon.

Table of Content

1: Preparation

This layour icons utilize PNG file. You can spot the layout icons on the top-right of the desktop screen.

Awesome WM: Layout

Consider have a look at the resources in file manager.

Awesome WM: Thunar Layout Icons

I decide to remade the the PNG using Inkscape. Inkscape use SVG as default format.

Again, if you are not familiar with theming using SVG, I recommend you to read this article below before continue:

2: Unified Graphic Material

This is the Inkscape Part.

Instead of separated UI design for each icon, we can put all icons into one SVG file.

SVG Icon Set

I have made my own custom SVG source, inspired by multicolor theme icons.

SVG Source: Title Bar

You might want to alter the UI/UGM image yourself to suit your needs, e.g. black and white, or minimalist something.

SVG Source

SVG source available at:

3: Configuration

We need to map from generated PNG to Awesome predefined variable names.

-- You can use your own layout icons like this:

local layout_icons = "clone"
local layout_path = theme_path .. "layouts/" .. layout_icons .. "/"

-- default awful related
theme.layout_dwindle        = layout_path .. "dwindle.png"
theme.layout_fairh          = layout_path .. "fairh.png"
theme.layout_fairv          = layout_path .. "fairv.png"
theme.layout_floating       = layout_path .. "floating.png"
theme.layout_magnifier      = layout_path .. "magnifier.png"
theme.layout_max            = layout_path .. "max.png"
theme.layout_spiral         = layout_path .. "spiral.png"
theme.layout_tilebottom     = layout_path .. "tilebottom.png"
theme.layout_tileleft       = layout_path .. "tileleft.png"
theme.layout_tile           = layout_path .. "tile.png"
theme.layout_tiletop        = layout_path .. "tiletop.png"

theme.layout_fullscreen     = layout_path .. "fullscreen.png"
theme.layout_cornernw       = layout_path .. "cornernw.png"
theme.layout_cornerne       = layout_path .. "cornerne.png"
theme.layout_cornersw       = layout_path .. "cornersw.png"
theme.layout_cornerse       = layout_path .. "cornerse.png"

What is Next?

Consider continue reading [ Awesome WM - Theme - Layout Icons ]. There is this topic, about multicolor layout icons. Creating minimalist PNG Button using Inkscape, one SVG file to create each PNG resource.

What do you think?