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i3 Window manager with i3 Bar
I love Dekstop Art. Especially with network monitoring.
Awesome WM, Tiling WM for beginner
I t needs transition to become a Tiling Window Manager user. I recommend Awesome WM for first time Tiling Window Manager. It is not intimidating, as it still has built in menu.
Init Civil War, The systemd Controversy
I don't worry about the controversy. And even with this long list, my judgment could be wrong. I'm using Manjaro OpenRC. I'm also using Debian systemd. I just love to read the news.
Fluxbox Stacking Window Manager
Before Openbox, there was Fluxbox. Fluxbox is not as cool as Openbox. But if you need config or just curious about, you can check this out.
Standalone Openbox WM with Tint2 Panel
I recommend beginner to learn Openbox. Openbox can be used as a standalone Window Manager, or as a Window Manager that holds a DE (Desktop Environment). In fact, Openbox is the only Stacking WM that I use daily.
LXQT with Windowish Looks, No Kidding
This is not a prank. You can have this Windowish looks with Arch LXQT. And be happy with it.
Selfieshoot of Hilarious XFCE4 Customization
A show case of how customizable XFCE4 is. It is really enjoying.
My Mageia Experiment
I'm curious about Mageia. Because there is something that I haven't learned in my early days of GNU/Linux using Mandrake.
How to Install BlackArch as Repository
There is no need to install BlackArch or ArchAssault as a full distribution. With any distribution utilized pacman, any of these can be instaled as a repository. So you can have BlackArch, or BlackManjaro or ManjaroAssault or BlackAntergos.
Is it a Gnome Shell Customization, or Am I just got bored ?
I'm glad that linux has a modern desktop interface. While others are still using conventional approach.
Arch Linux - Install/ Post Install Log
Many beginners asked for guidance to install Arch. So I put this two logs. There is actualy two steps. First step is Install Vanilla Arch itself. Until you get your first login after boot. Then second step is Post Install. e.g. setup Wireless, or setup Desktop Environment.
Wireless Command Line, a must have Knowledge
Even if you have installed your linux successfully you still need to know your own hardware. This article also useful to debug networking issue, especially for first time linux install.
Linux Multiboot, Setting up Partitions
Based on my experience.
Facebook Groups, Resources for Linux Enthusiast
A collection of facebook linux groups.
Gtk3 Adoption Rate in Debian.
On January 2012, I wrote myself a note. A complain about how slow python3 migration is. And also about gtk3 adoption rate in Debian.
Debian Wheezy - Post Install Log
Using terminal only. What to do on first run and.... What to do when dependencies happened. Using apt-get and using aptitude.

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