Haskell Operator is easy. Anyone with IQ over 90 can write custom XMonad Configuration.

However, decomposition even make it more comfortable to read.
Simple journey to be a masochicst-desktoper.

Again, talk is cheap. Use the source Luke

Screenshot Information
OS: Arch/Manjaro
+ WM: XMonad
+ Compositor: Compton
+ Statusbar: Dzen-Conky
+ Terminal: Termite
+ Wallpaper: 3D Bar
+ File Manager: Ranger
+ Viewer: VIM (Vi IMproved)

Modularized Haskell XMonad: arch + dzen + termite + neofetch + powerline (light) (floating)

Modularized Haskell XMonad: manjaro + dzen + termite + vim + powerline (dark) (ranger)

Design inspired and taken from

I don’t mind people using Windows, Mac, Android, *BSD, or even HURD.

I’m using linux, because I had limitation in my past. A matter of survival.

Please consider it as my weakness. Not my strength.


A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

– shine like a legend,
1 – Holding the sky in your arms.