Two language of the future beside C and C++.

  1. Go
  2. Rust

Both are still bleeding edge technologies. Even though they already have proven product e.g. Docker (go-based) and Servo (rust-based). You still have to make a bet on it. Nobody says that it would be easy.

After Sun acquisition by Oracle, and legal dispute with Oracle over Android’s use of Java in Dalvik. Google has secretly developed Go-language. But Java will not be, just fading away. Java is too big to fail.

Rust, has clearly define their capability by creating a rust-based OS.

I still have no idea, Redox is all about. But hey… I like the idea of linux replacement. We need an alternative, as linux is already too mainstream. Soon we have few new contenders in the market: #reactos #hurd #redox #linux++

IMO: This kind of forward lookin’ is what HP people have to do when they started to make a new OS for memristor. Instead of making linux++ for developers, and built their own new OS with obsolete technology. This bleeding edge memristor hardware, require a breakthrough. You are supposed to be a leader, not a linux follower!

Well, that’s just my opinion. I do not have any formal IT education. Nor professional IT job.
So who am I to speak ?