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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Good day.

For those who likes to play console pixel-art in terminal to create a desktop screenshot, you can download a collection of shell script here

Original Script:

» Crunchbang » ANSI colorschemes scripts

Screenshot Information

OS: Arch
+ WM: XMonad + XMobar
+ Terminal: A few sample script

ANSI Color Light: arch+xmonad

ANSI Color Dark: arch+xmonad

Update: More scripts on github. I found it from googleplus community

Me myself I got nothing to prove
I hope that their effort would be remembered, and useful.

Thank you for reading
Happy screenshooting. Best of luck.

Dear kawan-kawan sekalian,

Bagi yang suka bermain console pixel art di terminal. Silahkan unduh shell script yang dikumpulkan sini:

Semoga bermanfaat, tidak sia-sia.
Selamat membuat screenshot.