There are stages. From beginner to enthusiast.

Tell us, what you have experienced with! Tell me if there is more thing to be done!

1. Choose Ubuntu/Mint/eOS for first time install,

Try everything

  • Basic Terminal Command

    • ls, cat, grep, ps, top, man, info, su, sudo

    • always use ‘$ man’ for documentation before google.

  • Also learn about basic linux briefly

  • Package Manager

    • apt-get, aptitude, dpkg, synaptic, sources.list
  • Install any application you like.

    • try only official application,

    • gimp, blender, inkscape, libreoffice, calligra, gparted

    • and play with PPA, but consider

    • ! PPA is not always widely used in linux

  • Desktop Environment

    • Unity, KDE, gnome-shell, xfce4, lxde, razor, e18, cinnamon

    • and each cusomization, show your sreenshot to group

  • Window Manager & Compositor Effects

    • Compiz, Kwin, Openbox
  • Try different init

    • open-rc, systemd, upstart, sysvinit
  • Well I forget what to do, sorrry…

  • More command line tools

    • nmcli, ncdu, ntop, cfdisk, fish

    • lspci, lsusb, lsmod, dmesg, ip ,iw

    • ascii art: screenfetch, archey, figlet, ansi color.

  • Scripting Language

    • bash, sed/awk, ksh, zsh

    • Perl, Python, Ruby

Most importantly, have fun with all

Note: Go with one distro that matches your desired path: Casual user, Enthusiast, or Professional.

  • Casual user may consider:

    • Linux Mint (with Cinnamon), eOS (with Pantheon)
  • Professional user should consider:

    • openSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, or Debian.
  • Enthusiast:

    • LFS, Arch, Gentoo, Slackware

2. Leverage yourself to Arch

Know your system

  • learn arch install log.

  • multiboot form previous linux

    • prepare your partition with cfdisk
  • Install with command line only

    • add driver manually

    • add username manually

    • add DE manually

    • use pacman

  • read arch wiki

    • there is a lot of good material here
  • use yaourt, packer, cower, or other AUR Helper

    • automatic compilation

    • try any unofficial application from AUR

    • also try: pacmind, yaourt-gui

  • Dare to use minimalis WM, rather than eyecandy DE

    • e.g. openbox, awesome, i3, xmonad
  • Penetration Testing Application

    • add and install repo: BlackArch or maybe ArchAssault
  • read more about other system

    • hurd/redox, xfs/btrfs, lxc/docker, pulseaudio, wayland/mir, llvm.

Make Your Own Syllabus

Update 2020

Illustration: Switching Distro: Example Syllabus (learning plan)

I think one month is not enough for both.