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Tutor One: PNG Solid Border, Very Basic, No Design Yet.

Table of Content

1: Unified Graphic Material

This is the Inkscape Part.

First Inkscape Document

Consider make your first inkscape document. Open Inkscape, set custom size in document properties.

SVG Source

SVG source available at:

Document Properties

It can be done from menu (File - Document Properties). Or just press (Shift+Ctrl+D).

  • Default Units: px

  • Units: px

  • Width: 40 px

  • Height: 40 px

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Document Properties


Name it as tutor-01-active.svg, or anything you desire.


Prepare Three Layers. Open Layers Dock (Shift+Ctrl+L).

  • Frame: This is where we define export target name

  • Background: (optional), any solid background is fine, this should cover the size of page, such as 40 px * 40 px .

  • Name: (optional) for use to identify, such as [left, right, bottom, 1, 2, 3 ,4 5]

Frame Layer

We are using 10px border for this theme.

Create Box, each with [Width * Height]

  • Bottom Left: [10px * 10px]

  • Bottom Right: [10px * 10px]

  • Top Left: [10px * 10px]

  • Top Right: [10px * 10px]

  • Bottom: [20px * 10px]

  • Left: [10px * 20px]

  • Right: [10px * 20px]

  • Each [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]: [10px * 10px]

You may use any color. But I prefer google material color blue300 (#64b5f6ff), blue500 (#2196f3ff), blue700 (#1976d2ff), blue900 (#0d47a1ff).

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Full Preview

Export Page

Export the whole page can be done from menu (File - Export PNG Image). Or just press (Shift+Ctrl+E).

Choose Page Tab to export the whole page.

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Active Full Preview


Hint: Use Inkscape’s Batch Export, to export all shapes at once.

Select each box in frame layer, you should see tab changing to selection in Export Dock. For each box, name the target file as the corresponding box such as bottom-left-active.png, and export the box to PNG.

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Export PNG

You should see the result in file manager.

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - PNG Files

2: First Theme

This is the XFWM Part.


Beside PNG (or XPM), XFWM4 theme require themerc. I won’t go deep, since there are already many tutorial about this on the internet. Mine was grabbed (copy-paste) from the default XFCE4 theme.








Title Font

I set font size to 0 to hide title.


In order to use the theme, you should copy the content of xfwm4 directory to ~/.themes/tutor-01/xfwm4.

Window Manager Setting

Now you can set the theme for the Window Manager.

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Window Manager Setting

Choose tutor-01.


Voila, you have your first theme. Congratulation. Felicitationes.

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Active Border Window

But wait, it is not finished yet sir. This is just the active Window, you also need to setup the inactive window.

3: Inactive Border

Consider go back to inkscape

  • duplicate the previous active border

  • move to 40px vertical

  • change the frame color to yellow300 (#fff176ff), yellow500 (#ffeb3bff), yellow700 (#fbc02dff), yellow900 (#f57f17ff).

  • For each box, name the target file as the corresponding box such as top-right-inactive, and export the PNG.

  • Copy the content of xfwm4 directory to ./theme

xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Active Inactive Full Preview

Now, set the theme for the Window Manager, to other than tutor-01 such as default. After that, reset to tutor-01. You should see the result of inactive border, immediately.


xfwm4 Theme: Tutor 01 - Inactive Border Window

We are done with our very first step.

What’s Next

Tutor Two, the solid XPM border. We are going to utilize XPM instead of PNG. Consider also reading [ Part Two ].