HerbstluftWM Tag Status in BASH
HersbtluftWM Tag Status using Dzen2 or Lemonbar. Modularized implementation in BASH script.
HerbstluftWM Tag Status Overview
Preface of Doing HersbtluftWM Tag Status implementation for both Lemonbar and Dzen2.
Examining Bind in Haskell: Do Notation
Monadic Operator. Walking the Monad code by code. Yet another Monad Tutorial.
Examining Bind in Haskell: Example using Number
Bind >>= operator and friends. More example if you wish.
Examining Bind in Haskell: Hello World
Uncover the mysterious bind >>= operator in Haskell without dark magic.
Explaining Monad: References
Some Book of Witch written by Wizards.
Explaining Monad: Overview
Breaking the curse, of the unexplainable Monad.

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