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Conky with Lua Scripting
This article explain how to convert old conky into lua format. Featuring Hijri date format.
GhostBSD - Ports
GhostBSD provide pkg as binary package manager. Ports also provided as package manager to compile source code. This article give an example of Ports so that beginner can examine this case to help understanding the the process of installing package using ports.
GhostBSD - Migration from Linux
This article contain common issues, for migrating from linux to BSD.
GhostBSD - Driver
GhostBSD driver sounds scary at first. But once you get along it make sense.
GhostBSD - Multiboot
GhostBSD multiboot situation with Windows and Linux is possible.
Windows - Setting up CLI Environment
Windows can have powerful command line environment using chocolatey package manager and cmder terminal.
Gentoo - Selective Emerge with Equery
With Equery, you can upgrade package by category. One category today. And other category the day after. You can install only what you need, instead of compile all at once. And save your precious time.
Linux - Terminal Customization
Terminal ricing is different with desktop ricing.
Openbox Install - obmenu-generator
Specific tools for openbox. Not really for idiots.
Openbox Install - oblogout
Specific tools for openbox. Not really for idiots.