Preparing Modularized Awesome WM Configuration
This article explain coding style approach of modularized Awesome WM configuration (rc.lua) and the process of splitting the codes.
Modularized Awesome WM Configuration Structure
This article explain directory structure of modularized Awesome WM configuration (rc.lua)
Compile .deb Source with apt-src
If you think Debian package management based is not challenging enough for beginner, maybe you should explore the manual deeper. Debian is not boring at all. After a this, you will feels like compiling is not that difficult.
Install Awesome WM in Debian
My first Tiling Window Manager is Awesome. Installing Awesome WM in Debian is also easy, the only difference is you have to git-clone Lain module manually.
Install Awesome WM in Arch Linux based Distribution
Awesome is the easiest Tiling Window Manager. I recommend Awesome WM for first time Tiling Window Manager. It is not intimidating, as it still has built in menu.
Jekyll Installation on Debian
Since Jekyll is available in Official Debian repository, Jekyll Installation on Debian is Easy. Just issue this command to install system wide Jekyll gem, and Debian will take care of Jekyll's dependencies.
Jekyll Installation on Arch/Manjaro
Installing Jekyll on Arch based distribution is a little bit tricky. Jekyll built on top of Ruby Gems. Ruby gems in Arch Linux can be installed per user or system wide. The official guidance, do not apply well in Arch Linux. So we need a little more detail, on how we suppose to do it in Arch Linux.

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