This is my slackware post-install log, for my personal use, including most desktop ricing stuff, except wallpaper :-) .

Any desktop ricer can use this guidance, no matter what distribution they use.

I made an experiment with BTRFS snapshot in my openSUSE, and it make my openSUSE unbootable. I can make my BTRFS state back by using Live USB. But an idea popped up in my mind. It is time to switch to Slackware. So I download the Live USB, install it. And it turned out that Slackware is easier than I thought.

I have some roles about suitable environment

  • Working: Libreoffice: Office and Family. Sometimes inkscape.

  • Dotfiles: Tiling Window Manager. And ricing stuff. Including Haskell.

  • Blog and Coding: Ruby Jekyll and SaSS, Go Huho, NPM Grunt and Gulp, PHP Composer.

  • Minor curiosity: such as network monitoring. Depend on my mood.

Slackware Issue

The issue with Slackware is that the repository is scattered.

  • Slackpkg: Official Packages

  • Slackbuilds: when prefer compiling.

  • Slpkg: When prefer binary

  • git clone or other method: When no application in any repository.

Slackware: slpkg slackonly herbstluftwm

These below are the list.

“Boys and Toys: Because boys will be boys”.

Common Software

If you are not a desktop ricer, you can skip this part.

My most important part is setting up DM (Desktop Manager).


  • fish

  • slim

  • lxdm

  • sddm :< extra-cmake-modules

  • libreoffice (rpm)

slpkg alien

  • chromium :< ninja

  • ffmpeg

  • vlc

  • dropbox-client

slpkg slonly

  • inkscape

  • evince


  • xfce4-mixer

git clone


slpkg slonly

  • nethogs, iftop, glances, dstat, atop, iotop, nbwmon, nmon

Note that pktstat and nload, are available in github.

Slackware: network/ monitoring


For mostly blogging.


slpkg alien

slpkg slonly



  • I have to remove the official go-lang (ver 1.4), because I need a new version.

  • I cannot install RVM due to lbrary conflict. It can be solved by compiling, but I am lazy.

  • There are two versions of GHC. Source and Binary.

Desktop Ricing

Slackware: teamocil/tmux on herbstluftwm


Using git clone, then manually copy to .fonts


Due to complexity and my laziness, I switch from source from sbopkg to binary from slonly.


  • dwm

  • herbstluftwm

  • [sxhkd]

  • bspwm

  • i3status :< confuse, yajl

  • i3blocks

  • i3lock

  • i3 :< libev, xcb-util-xrm, libxcbcommon

  • i3 (perl) :< -JSON-XS, -common-sense, -Types-Serialiser, -AnyEvent, -

  • awesomewm :< lgi

  • xmonad :< -utf8-string, -X11, -mtl, -extensible-exceptions, -setlocale, -

  • xmobar :< -stm, -parsec, -HTTP -X11-xft, hinotify, regex-compat, -

  • dmenu

  • dzen2

  • lemonbar

  • polybar

  • tint2

  • obmenu

  • openbox


  • xcompmgr

  • xfontsel

  • gucharmap

slpkg slonly


  • [oh-my-bash][github-oh-my-bash] ([][site-oh-my-bash])

  • [oh-my-zsh][github-oh-my-zsh] ([][site-oh-my-zsh])

  • [oh-my-fish][github-oh-my-fish]

Ricing Component


slpkg slonly

(via cpan)

(git clone)

(via pip)

(via npm)

(via go install)

(via gem)

(just script)

Other Toys

Star Wars Movie ?

% telnet

Not solved yet

  • termite :< libvterm :< gtk/gtk.h

  • i3-gaps (git clone, error on compiling)


That’s all

I have to live with slackware, so I can learn about it.

Thank you for reading