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Using Git for Daily Repo Updating
A coder should be familiar with git, git is a must have tool for coder. Git only takes a few commands, hence using git is easy After a while, you have memorized the commands well.
Analyze Services in Linux Boot Process
If you want to gain a faster linux boot, you can analyze services loaded on boot with systemd.
Create Your Own Monitoring Script
Conky is good for desktop decoration. And watch is pretty in Console. Using only bash script only to make our monitoring script more transparent.
The Difference Between DE, Shell, WM and Compositor
There is a standalone WM, and WM tighted to a DE. Stacking WM, Tiling WM, Dynamic WM. Just try every popular DE. XFCE4, gnome-shell, KDE, LXQT, Cinnamon. And later WM, Awesome, i3 and XMonad.
Meet Our Friend, Regular Expression
It is easy to replace text with text editor. But this is not the case when you need to automate repetitive task with coding. It takes simpler tools than text editor. Luckily there is Regular Expressions, that has been around for a few decades. Regular Expression is a language for string (text) processing. Search and replace utilize pattern match.
What to Do, When the System Stuck, on Boot
Very simple GRUB2 tips when linux stuck on boot.
Midnight Commander Tweaking, can Help People Better
Talking about screenshot, MC has one advantage. It show directories and path, so we can focus on the place better. MC skin can be set to transparent. MC layout can be changed to vertical or horizontal.
Becoming a Geek, a Weird Story About Nerd
There are so many things to say. I don't want to live in regrets. So I make this blog. It's not that I need to share. I just want to back these thought up to cloud.
XMonad with Conkyless Dzen, Total Control of Theme
Tidier code by removing conky in any dzen statusbar. Create a thematic XMonad configuration by controlling of theme color and screen size, only from Haskell itself. And See how far we can make a port from BASH script to native Haskell.
Introducing FatRat and Cantata
If you got bored with popular application, compiling and installing this two can be fun. FatRat is almost as cool as Transmission. And this Cantata MPD Client have a very nice looks.
Channels Worth Following
Let's get smarter by following this worth Channel: Phoronix, The Hacker News, OpenSouce, FOSS Bytes, Linux Today, and TecMint. Please add if you know any cool channels.
Two Languages of The Future
This two products, Docker (go-based) and Servo (rust-based), is a compelling reason. We have to take a peek on the language they are based on. Both are still bleeding edge technologies. So we still have to make a bet on it.
Modularized XMonad Config
A show case of who to separate XMonad configuration to make your configuration tidy, and easier to read. From xmonad.hs to six libraries [MyColor.hs, MyStatusBar.hs MyLogHookWS.hs, MyLogHookLT.hs, MyLayoutHook.hs, MyManageHook.hs] plus xmonad.hs itself.
Customizing Shell Prompt with Powerline
For those who wants to looks cool with their console screenshot. Or people who does ricing a lot. Well, Powerline is for you.
Console Pixel Art, a Collection of Scripts
This github repository is dedicated to !# crunchbang fellow who does a really great job of collecting ANSI Colorschemes scripts. Keep the good work buddy !!
Refactoring Awesome WM's Lua Configuration Script
A show case of how to separate Awesome WM configuration to make your configuration tidy, and easier to read. From rx.lua script to six libraries [rc, my.keys, my.menu, my.volume, my.wibox]. And separate my.wibox.lua to four smaller scripts.
Learning Stages Guidance, from Beginner to Enthusiast
This is a most common issue from n00b in a community group. Some even don't know what to ask. Don't know where to start. So I make a guidance.
Running Guest OS via Docker on top of Debian for the first time
Yet another Docker showcase. Now using Debian. Docker is supposed to do one special thing. But this is not a limit. Just use your imagination.
Docker Demonstration (Manjaro), Running Multiple Guest OS
A cheap way to learn different package management from major linux distribution using Docker. No need Virtual Machine nor Multiboot. Easy to setup.
Learn Different Package Management Using LXC
There are interesting differences between major distribution. One interest most is how they manage their packages. This is a cheap way to learn different package management from major linux distribution using Linux Container.
Update Arch Linux without Unnecessary Bloated Package
There is no need to sync all updated packages. Pacman has IgnorePkg directive to filter unnecessary update of big size package. Thus reduce bandwith required significantly.
Control Your Package with APT Pinning
APT Pinning is not a very interesting topic. But it saved my notebook's life. Now my notebook can live longer. By keeping the old driver, and never update it ever.
Minimalist XFCE4 with Limited Tiling Support
XFCE4 is great, so simple, but yet it has this cool simple tiling. It is a built in feature, that some people forget to explore.
Selectively Install BlackArch Tools
With BlackArch you can install tools by category. One category today. And other category the day after. You can install only what you need. And keep our system clean.
Unbundling AUR Helper Process
For those who are really tired of how easy yaourt (or packer) is. You may consider 'cower' to download PKGBUILD from AUR manually. So you can 'makepkg' manually.
XMonad Menu Bar
XMonad itself comes with nothing but black intimidating screen. It can be customized very nicely with dzen2 bar. And it can have menu with dmenu_run or j4_dmenu.
XMonad Tiling Window Manager
This show case show you the looks of Tiling Window Manager with XMonad. XMonad is an amazing Tiling Window Manager. Its configuration written in Haskell, so you can make a very flexible configuration.

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