There is no need to install BlackArch or ArchAssault as a full distribution. With any distribution utilized pacman, any of these can be instaled as a repository. So you can have BlackArch, or BlackManjaro or ManjaroAssault or BlackAntergos.

Pacman has real advantages compared with APT. You can’t install Kali on top of Debian nor ubuntu, without messing the host OS.

Using pacman

># pacman -S blackarch 

Now, I’m thinking about, scrapping my Kali Partition and switch to Manjaro instead.

Official Site

BlackArch Keyring

Using blackman (from source)

I’m still having a hard time while doing blackman.

># blackman -g blackarch-unpacker
[-] CRITICAL: Package not found in repository 'README' 

BlackMan Issue

This one has not been solved yet.