I recommend Awesome WM for first time Tiling Window Manager. It is not intimidating, as it still has built in menu.

Moving from a full feature Desktop Environment to limited feature Window Manager takes some time. It is even harder to move from Stacking Window Manager to Tiling Window Manager. So pick the easiest one, the Awesome WM. Awesome has floating option to make you feel like you are in stacking WM.

Screenshot Information
OS: Arch
WM: Awesome

+ Theme:
: Color: blue-black-red theme
: Kali Logo
: Bar Transparency
: Wallpaper: crown theme

+ Widget:
: Vicious: cpuwidget

+ Terminal:
: glances
: saidar
: ncmpcpp clock
: ncmpcpp playlist

arch+awesome (kali), (glances, saidar, ncmpcpp)

rc.lua Configuration:

Additional Packages

Awesome Source:

I put some network monitoring tools to make you sense, how amazing Awesome is, when it blend with console.

The Wallpaper from Awesome theme is stunningly beautiful.