Faster boot linux ?

There are usually these things that make your boot heavy. Your bunch of services. And your choice of Desktop Environment.

Luckily with with systemd, you can analyze boot process so you can decide what optimization necessary.

 $ systemd-analyze plot > my-distro.svg

You can see the result in both figures below. First is my Arch, and the Second is my Debian. Both were taken in 2014 from the computer.

You can see how the differences that it makes when you have many services loaded at boot.


Arch Boot systemd  


Debian Boot systemd

This is not an Arch versus Debian comparison. I put a lot of services in Debian because I had my development server on Debian. I did not put many services in Arch, because it was a result of a clean installation.

The choice, is yours to optimize.

Thank you for reading