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Control Your Package with APT Pinning
APT Pinning is not a very interesting topic. But it saved my notebook's life. Now my notebook can live longer. By keeping the old driver, and never update it ever.
Minimalist XFCE4 with Limited Tiling Support
XFCE4 is great, so simple, but yet it has this cool simple tiling. It is a built in feature, that some people forget to explore.
Selectively Install BlackArch Tools
With BlackArch you can install tools by category. One category today. And other category the day after. You can install only what you need. And keep our system clean.
Unbundling AUR Helper Process
For those who are really tired of how easy yaourt (or packer) is. You may consider 'cower' to download PKGBUILD from AUR manually. So you can 'makepkg' manually.
XMonad Menu Bar
XMonad itself comes with nothing but black intimidating screen. It can be customized very nicely with dzen2 bar. And it can have menu with dmenu_run or j4_dmenu.
XMonad Tiling Window Manager
This show case show you the looks of Tiling Window Manager with XMonad. XMonad is an amazing Tiling Window Manager. Its configuration written in Haskell, so you can make a very flexible configuration.
i3 Window manager with i3 Bar
I love Dekstop Art. Especially with network monitoring.
Awesome WM, Tiling WM for beginner
I t needs transition to become a Tiling Window Manager user. I recommend Awesome WM for first time Tiling Window Manager. It is not intimidating, as it still has built in menu.
Init Civil War, The systemd Controversy
I don't worry about the controversy. And even with this long list, my judgment could be wrong. I'm using Manjaro OpenRC. I'm also using Debian systemd. I just love to read the news.
Fluxbox Stacking Window Manager
Before Openbox, there was Fluxbox. Fluxbox is not as cool as Openbox. But if you need config or just curious about, you can check this out.