Before Openbox, there was Fluxbox. Fluxbox is not as cool as Openbox. But if you need config or just curious about, you can check this out.

I myself, still don’t know why I even learn this.

Screenshot Information
OS: Arch
WM: Fluxbox
+ blackarch menu in fluxbox
+ dockbarx
+ tmux [ncmpcpp play, ncmpcpp viz] in xfce-terminal
+ fb-theme: axonkolor (manual modification)
+ conky bar (manual modification)

::.. Glowing Flux ..::

arch+fluxbox (glow) +tmux+ncmpcpp+root+scrot

This Fluxbox utilised a modified version of Axonkolor theme that I found in Deviantart.

Fluxbox: Arch Configuration:

Fluxbox: Debian Configuration: