There are so many things to say.
I don't want to live in regrets.
So I make this blog.

Hello, my name is Epsi. I’m an open source enthusiast.

My first encounter with computer was, in my teenage days. I like to prank my friend with two bytes, executing coldboot (int 18h) or warmboot (int 19h). By typing copy con, and type alt^205+alt^24+ctrl^D (CD18) or type alt^205+alt^25+ctrl^D (CD19).

I forced myself to learn Pascal/Delphi in my college day, to get pressure-volume-diagram from a diesel engine. Utilized cool devices, e.g. oscilloscope, I finally made it. The difficulties to find source code, got me realized of how important open-source is.

One day, I asked alumni board, about the absence of alumni website. So they asked me to come. And when I came in they asked me to built a website. Instead of having a mumble time, I accepted the challenge, as long as I can use the internet freely. That’s how I got my first 14 complete CDs set of Debian Squeeze.

In about the same year, my alumni board need an alumni database, but they were currently have no data at all, except a PDF softcopy of alumni book from campus. So I converted the PDF to text, with some iteration of BASH/AWK/Sed tricks, I filtered the content using regular expression, and convert those unorganized text into tables. Save the tables to comma separated values, and finally opened it with Excel for further processing. I even port my BASH/AWK/Sed script to Perl, then Python, and later PHP, for learning purpose.

From this little PHP scripts, I learned LAMP stack a lot. I ported alumni website from static HTML+CSS to dynamic PHP, then to Mambo, and later to Joomla. After this alumni project I learnt Drupal CMF, Mootools, Ruby on Rails and Symfony Framework. But I never made it to a real project.

For about a decade, I don’t have any real job related with IT. I did my linux passion by learning something else. From Samba, OpenRC, Inkscape to LXC/Docker. Experience different distribution, e.g. Ubuntu, Blankon, kFreeBSD, KaOS, Kali, Mageia, Arch, Manjaro. Until one day I realized I have no need for Microsoft Windows in my Office.

For the past two years I have become a masochist Desktoper. Using Window Manager, instead of Desktop Environment. You can see my dotfile containing Openbox, Awesome, or XMonad. Ricing it with powerline, pixel art, listening music with MPD, and so on.

After about a decade of silence, I decided to make this Blog, based on Jekyll. My mind is full of content. I have so much to talk about.

It's not that I need to share.
I just want to back these thought up to cloud.