Becoming a Geek, a Weird Story About Nerd
There are so many things to say. I don't want to live in regrets. So I make this blog. It's not that I need to share. I just want to back these thought up to cloud.
Jekyll Blog Overview
Installing Jekyll is something cool. Having an example of working site is something else.
How Haskell Syntax can Make Your Code Cleaner
Haskell syntatic sugar is somehow weird. But once you get the idea, you are going to love it. Dollar $ infix operator can be your favorite one.
XMonad with Conkyless Dzen, Total Control of Theme
Tidier code by removing conky in any dzen statusbar. Create a thematic XMonad configuration by controlling of theme color and screen size, only from Haskell itself. And See how far we can make a port from BASH script to native Haskell.
Introducing FatRat and Cantata
If you got bored with popular application, compiling and installing this two can be fun. FatRat is almost as cool as Transmission. And this Cantata MPD Client have a very nice looks.
Channels Worth Following
Let's get smarter by following this worth Channel: Phoronix, The Hacker News, OpenSouce, FOSS Bytes, Linux Today, and TecMint. Please add if you know any cool channels.
Two Languages of The Future
This two products, Docker (go-based) and Servo (rust-based), is a compelling reason. We have to take a peek on the language they are based on. Both are still bleeding edge technologies. So we still have to make a bet on it.

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