Inkscape: Event Banner Collection
A collection of inkscape vector designs with printing press targeting. That anybody can download and use it freely. A collection of banners with varying size ratio for your event!
Inkscape: Event Schedule Announcement
Two sample inkscape vector templates, for event schedule announcement. That anybody can download and use it freely.
Inkscape: Non Standard Alumni Logo
An inkscape vector alumni logo variant. That anybody can download and use it freely. Designed by hierarcial scope, university, faculty, department, and even by region.
Control Your Package with APT Pinning
APT Pinning is not a very interesting topic. But it saved my notebook's life. Now my notebook can live longer. By keeping the old driver, and never update it ever.
Minimalist XFCE4 with Limited Tiling Support
XFCE4 is great, so simple, but yet it has this cool simple tiling. It is a built in feature, that some people forget to explore.
Selectively Install BlackArch Tools
With BlackArch you can install tools by category. One category today. And other category the day after. You can install only what you need. And keep our system clean.
Unbundling AUR Helper Process
For those who are really tired of how easy yaourt (or packer) is. You may consider 'cower' to download PKGBUILD from AUR manually. So you can 'makepkg' manually.

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