Telegram Bot - BASH CLI
How to be a Bashful Bot in Telegram. Using loop with BASH command. No webhook in BASH series.
Telegram Bot - Getting Token
Getting Telegram Token from @botfather.
Telegram Bot - Overview
Telegram Bot Summary
dbus in Window Manager
Solving dbus session in non-systemd environment, in application level, session level, and system wide.
Distribution - Slackware Post Install Log
My Slackware Experience, setting up suitable environment at home. "Boys and Toys, Because boys will be boys".
Using Git for Working Between Computer
Common git commands for working between Home and Office. Git as file sharing tool on the cloud, Sync data using Git, instead of USB Flash Disk.
Bootstrap CLI Webtools - Part Three
Embracing CSS Bootstrap Backend By CLI Webtools. Playing around with CSS Bootstrap Backend, using bower, grunt, composer, gemfile, sass, all in command line interface.

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