Analyze Services in Linux Boot Process
If you want to gain a faster linux boot, you can analyze services loaded on boot with systemd.
Create Your Own Monitoring Script
Conky is good for desktop decoration. And watch is pretty in Console. Using only bash script only to make our monitoring script more transparent.
Step by Step Guidance to be a Webcoder
How do a Webcoder Begin ? Between HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS? Always start with Plain HTML, then HTML+CSS, You can learn Client Side or Server Side later.
The Difference Between DE, Shell, WM and Compositor
There is a standalone WM, and WM tighted to a DE. Stacking WM, Tiling WM, Dynamic WM. Just try every popular DE. XFCE4, gnome-shell, KDE, LXQT, Cinnamon. And later WM, Awesome, i3 and XMonad.
Elapsed Time, Yet Another Jekyll Liquid Port
It is common in a blog, not to write the calendar date of the post, but rather elapsed time (e.g some time ago). I'm writing new liquid script for use in Jekyll.
Create Stripes Using Inkscape to Decorate Blog Post
I'm thinking of giving different color variation for each post. The idea is there are 12 months in a year, and there are rgb (red, green, blue) colors, both contain combination of three number. You can see how easy it is. I don't even think about what color, or any aesthetic aspects. It simply math.
Jekyll Post Archives Without Plugin
Blog Archives is very common in Wordpress. It is also available in Jekyll in many ways. Blog Archives can be achieved without plugin. You can make your own custom archives, that is more suitable for your project. Here is my custom liquid archives script that you can modify for your own.

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